Bud is located as near the ocean as you can possibly get, from the nearest town Molde, it's about 40 km.

Getting to Bud from Molde, one makes a turn left as indicated on the map. This should be right by the airport on the right. From there, one can either take the tunnell or take a detour around "skaret." The tunnell is 15 kr, and the detour around "skaret is about 5-10 min more. From there, Bud is straight ahead.


Getting to Bud from "Farstad" and "Averøya" crossing the "Atlantic Ocean Road" there shouldn't arise any problems using the maps and following the signs. Bud isn't that big a place, and once you get to Farstad north of Bud, there are signs all the way.

Entering Bud from Molde, one passes the football-stadium on the right hand side. Once you pass this, it's not much further. Soon enough you will see the gasstation "Statoil" on the left hand side. By the road taking you down to statoil there is a sign reading "Rorbu - Feriehus". Together with this sign, the name of the road is displayed as well. "Kippersundvegen."

If one enters Bud from Farstad, Averøya and "The Atlantic Ocean Road", the first thing one will see is the Main Buss-station on the right hand side. "Atlantic Auto." The next turn will then take you left into the center of Bud. You will now be passing the shops and such..

Just a short while later, a gasstation will come into view, "Statoil.". There will now be two possible exits to the right.. The first road called "A.P. Inderhaugs Veg" is the wrong one, you will not be taking this exit. The right exit is called "Kippersundvegen" and is marked by a sign reading "Rorbu - Feriehus"

The Arrow in the maps point to the place where two of the houses are located. "Rorbua" and "Loftstua." "Lillegaard" is some 200 meters away, but you can go to the house at the arrow and be lead from there...