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  Overview picture Bud The veiw from "Rorbua"

Bud is often called "Pearl of the coastline." The little fishing village is located far out by the sea in the municipality Fræna. Fræna has about 9000 inhabitants. About 1000 of these live in Bud. Bud is a fishing village of long tradition. The first counting of inhabitants in Norway show 25 registered tax-payers in Bud. This was in 1523, and at one time Bud was the biggest place between Bergen and Trondheim. Nowadays, the nearest city is the city of Molde. Molde is about 40 km from Bud, and it is aproximatly 40 minutes by car...

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Today, Bud is a paradise for tourists. Both families with children and sport-fishermen. Especially popular is the form of renting a "rorbu" that comes with a boat. You can read more about ”Rorbua” here.

A third option is renting an appartment with the same high quality as a rorbu. The difference is that this is locatet on top of a garage in stead of un top of a sea-house. This has the ocean as its nearest neighbour as well, but does not come with a boat. Read more about ”Loftstua.”

If you want more information about Bud, there is lots on but this site is in norwegian only. This site is constantly updated, and there you can find everything about the local "happenings."

Other things worth a visit in Bud, is for one the German Coastal Fort from WWII. The fort has guided tours twice a day. There is also lots to see going in on your own. The museum is set up below ground, and there is a huge deal of material from the war down there. The Fort is open 10:00-18:00 every day and else by booking. Guided tours 13:00 and 15:00 every day, else by booking. Extra guided tours and access to the fort will be arranged by contact with the fort. There is alot more to read about it at, but then only in Norwegian.

Bud offers a great deal of restaurants. "Riddersalen" up on "Ergan", "Bryggjerestauranten fisketeria" by the pier. Everything is arranged for tourists. Contact us. Or just mail us.


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